Gourmet corner; a place for culinary art creations, rites and traditions, blend of flavors presented in a legendary palapa, with a peculiar ingredient in the warm caress of the sand. The Central Palapa, with its soft sand that caresses the Dinners feet and the Caribbean Sea as companion, invite you to try the crispy fresh bread baked on firewood at your table as a welcome symbol. From an energetic and colorful breakfast, to a discreet and exquisite dinner, are served at your table. You can also enjoy our cuisine at the deck, designed to enjoy in the sea breeze as company, a Caribbean touch that you cannot miss.


  • Whole fish in salt
  • Whole fish baked on firewood
  • Smoked salmon in tea
  • Tuna sealed with salt and pepper
  • Shrimps with mushrooms on firewood
  • Shrimps in tamarind-chipotle sauce
  • Fish fillet Mediterranean style
  • Fish Siaan Kaan style


Mayan Cuisine:

To the sound of grinding and mortar, Mayans are still present in Mexican cuisine. Mayas used amaranth, chilies, corn, beans and squash as sacred ingredients.  They always combined flavors within a sacred ritual, as each dish was prepared primarily for a religious festival. In Mexico, the Mayan cuisine represents a sample for the whole world. This traditional Mayan cuisine continues, and with a gourmet touch, we put it on your table.